At Columbia Memorial Bone and Joint Center we specialize in an array of orthopaedic treatments. We handle knee, hip and joint replacements, foot, ankle, shoulder and hand injuries, sports medicine and bloodless surgery. Our doctors provide the care and support to guide you through the entire process and keep you comfortable and informed.

Knee, Hip and Joint Replacement

We realize that total joint replacement is a very significant experience to an individual and strive to make it as easy an experience as possible. Prior to surgery, we make sure to exhaust all non-operative options including assistive devices, braces, physical therapy, etc. If a joint replacement is necessary, we will make sure you understand the procedure in its entirety and what to expect afterwards.

Shoulder and Hand Injuries

Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body, but often taken for granted until we can’t use them anymore. Simple activities, including those with repetitive movements, can cause tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other debilitating maladies. Our own Dr. Catherine Shin is particularly adept at treating these ailments, often with very non-invasive methods.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine team is prepared to handle all of your sports-related needs. We deal with all levels, from children to professionals. We can be physicians to specific teams and cover individual sporting events. We also provide expert concussion care to ensure your child, or yourself, is treated appropriately.

Bloodless Surgery

With a combination of vitamins, hormones and a machine called a “cell saver,” which processes a patient’s own blood to return it after a procedure, we rarely need to provide a blood transfusion post surgery. We monitor your blood levels closely to ensure you are well cared for.